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Sit Up Helper Bar

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The Sit Up Helper




  • Struggling with the motivation to get started working out?
  • No proper space for bulky equipment in the home?
  • Don't have time to waste?
  • No one around to hold your feet??? 





    You can even attach a resistance band to give yourself a little more help.



    Booty Bridges:

    This is a great glute-toning exercise that works to give you a rounder and firmer booty.


    Assisted Leg Raise:

    You can raise your legs as high as you can go. This is nearly a full body exercise that focuses intensely on your core.


    Reverse Sit Ups:

    Uses your lower back and the hamstrings. Strengthening your spinal erectors and thoracic extension muscles giving you better posture. Training your hamstrings also helps enhance the curve of your booty.








    Easily Workout These Muscle Groups:

    • Upper Abdominals
    • Lower Abdominals
    • Obliques
    • Chest
    • Triceps
    • Lower Back
    • Hips & Booty
    • And more!

    No matter where you are or who you are, the Portable Sit-Up Assistant helps you to make a change RIGHT NOW!



    Don't have time to exercise?

    Sneak in a quick core workout post yoga! Training your core strength will also help prepare you for more advanced poses. 

    Here's Why You'll Love This:

    • Get inspired and unlock a new variety of core exercises
    • Tone your waste and sculpt your abs!
    • Great for beginners who struggle to do sit-ups or people who don't have time to do a full workout.
    • Small, Portable and Easy To Set Up.
    • Strong Suction cup grip easily attaches onto any hard surface.
    What will you SAVE:
    • Save space - The Sit Up Helper is compact, yet sturdy!  Yes, you can even fit it in your bag and take it to the gym!
    • Save time - "Hey... Can you hold my feet?" - NOT necessary... Simply apply the Sit Up Assist to a smooth surface and work your abs to perfection.
    • Save $$$ - No need for expensive or bulky machines.  Do a variety of abdominal exercises with one piece of quality equipment.


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    Sit Up Helper Bar

    $39.99 $69.99

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